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The GoPro Hero4 Silver is the latest mid-tier GoPro camera but it shares a lot of features with GoPro previous flagship model – GoPro Hero3+ Black. This silver version has a bundle in general with Hero4 Black version.

Features and design

The Hero4 Silver retains the same design feature as the Hero3 and Hero3+ models which you can still buy at affordable prices. It is tad heavier at 2.5 ounces (5.2 ounces inside the added waterproof housing) but you are not going to perceive the minuscule rise. It is the equal size, and with the exemption of the battery, the latest cams can operate the same old add-on – best news for old GoPro users.
The GoPro Hero4 Silver, like its precursors, is built to give high standard video and fast capture with the capability for you to reel frame rates and watch recording back in wanted motion. For action shots or wildlife capture, if you are going to be capturing as much of the globe as possible, it is definitely value the price of admission. With 4K video accessible for you to capture – even at night – with latest capabilities having been brought for this generation – you truly would not be running the danger of blurry clipping or footage. All video recording can be simply edited and combined to your desire content, making it all the more remarkable for such a little gadget.

There are also some latest specs and performance improvements. Video resolution stays the same at 720/120p and 1080/60p, but the silver uses a modern sensor. Depending on the resolution, you can select between medium, ultra wide, and narrow fields of view, but ultra big fisheye-like is the most general FOV. You can also capture at 4K, 2.7, and 1440p, but video standard and performance is not that best on playback, mainly with 4k at max of 15 frames per seconds.
The GoPro Hero4 provides Bluetooth and Wi-Fi feature. These two wireless features are used for linking the Silver to the non-compulsory GoPro Smart Remote, or an iOS or Android gadget (via the Go Pro App). The little remote is used for controlling the camera remotely. The GoPro App also lets you manage the camera, but you get a live view as well and can simply make adjustments to the settings.
Finally, the battery section is no longer accessed through the back of the camera. It is now placed in the bottom, and the battery format also changes from 3.7 v 1180mah to 3.8v 3.8v1160mah. More vitally, it is much simple to swap out in the field than before.


The GoPro Hero4 has a 4.5 stars rating with over 1.600 customer reviews – it is also one of the best selling products at Amazon. To get more informations and to buy the GoPro Hero 4 please click here.

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