Amazon Prime 30-day free trial – how you get out the most of it!

Amazon Prime 30-day free trial on Amazon

Do you love shopping from Amazon? You should know that Amazon offers the Prime account, which is paid, but has much more benefits than in the case of a standard account. How much does it cost? For just $10.99 per month or $ 99 per year, you will be able to get all the great features offered by Amazon. Still, you are not sure that you want Amazon Prime for the moment? Then you should take advantage of the 30-day free trial and see it for yourself. To make sure you get the most of it, here is what you need to know about Amazon Prime and what it can offer, so you will check every corner of this premium account.

Having an Amazon Prime account means faster deliveries for you. It is great when you need a gift very soon or you don’t like waiting for your favorite product to arrive. With this account, you will enjoy free 2-day shipping. So if you find something you like, you may want to try this feature out. There are no conditions concerning this type of delivery. It means that you can buy anything, large or small, of any value, and you will still get fast shipping. If you are lucky enough to live in the few metro areas selected by Amazon, you could even enjoy same-day delivery for a high number of products.

Besides shopping and delivery benefits, Amazon Prime is also about entertainment. You can enjoy the Prime videos, which are appreciated TV shows and movies, all of them with the possibility of being accessed from a wide range of devices. Whether you like to see them on your computer, TV, or mobile device, you can easily make that happen, each time you are in the mood for a movie. And with the Amazon Video app, you can watch movies on the go, in the offline mode, when you cannot access the Internet. But, videos are not the only form of entertainment available with Amazon Prime. Make sure you try out the music streaming feature as well. Enjoy more than one million songs, various playlists and stations, which will provide the music you love. Find out what is new and listen to different genres, deciding which one fits your tastes better.

Looking for a safe place to store your photos? Amazon Prime offers Prime Photos, a service that will allow the storage of your favorite memories on Amazon Cloud, making them accessible no matter where you are. Getting back to shopping, with the Prime account, you will be able to see the Lightning Deals with half an hour early than their official release on the site, allowing you to get the best deals. And in case you like to read, this paid membership will grant you access to more than 800,000 e-books. So, while you are on the free trial, don’t forget to look at all these free books and even read the ones that seem interesting to you. If you started the trial period, don’t forget to check out every single aspect mentioned in these lines, to best understand what Amazon Prime can offer you.

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