Acer Aspire One 11 Cloudbook Review

2016 NEW Edition Acer Aspire One 11 Cloudbook 11.6-inch Laptop at Amazon

Get the freedom to work and play on the go with the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook Aspire 11-AO1. With the purchase of this laptop, you get a free two-year subscription to OneDrive. This cloud service provides 100GB of cloud storage space to keep documents, photos, videos and music and other files readily accessible not just from your laptop but also on your smartphone, tablet and any other desktop or laptop computer. The laptop also comes with Windows 10, giving you access to apps, a personal assistant and other state-of-the-art features.

In terms of performance, the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook Aspire 11-AO1 11.6-Inch Laptop is truly impressive. The computer has a highly efficient Intel Celeron N3050 processor and a 16GB solid state drive, allowing it to run quickly, even when you’re multitasking. Outfitted with both USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, the laptop easily charges all types of devices on the go and even has an HDMI port for connecting your laptop to your television set for viewing videos.

A premium battery with a long life powers the Intel Celeron N3050 processor and can supply up to 6 hours of continuous use time on a single charge. A high-definition webcam and SD card reader are built into the model.

The 2016 New Edition Acer Aspire One 11 Cloudbook has actually a 3.5 stars rating and more than 60 customer reviews at Amazon. You can buy it there for an very reasonable price and you can get also more informations about it – please click here.

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